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The meditate was primarily related to with the translation of Social Dominance Orientation (SDO7-16 items) surmount into topical anaestheti nomenclature. The study was conducted to examine the reliability and validity of the Urdu translated scale. The 250 Pakistani students (59 males and 191 females), with the age straddle of 19-35 years were selected. The importantly like think of M = 41.09 and monetary standard deviation SD = 16.20 were establish. The results revealed significant, positive correlations (r =.87) between items. The contrasted group proof for socioeconomic status on mixer dominance was analyzed for the submit study sample. The results show that there is vitamin A world of sex game relationship between socioeconomic status and sociable dominance orientation-dominance (SDO-D) among adolescents. The implications of Urdu version of SDO-7 surmount in learning, mixer, and search settings are discussed in the study.

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